Citrine Smoky Quartz Yellow Healer Earrings 10.44Ct


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Smoky Yellow Citrine 10.44Ct Healing Crystal Earrings 

Lots of people love Yellow Citrine Earrings as a style statement – an accessory to our outfit and an expression of our taste. However the energetic impact of healing crystal earrings is especially under-appreciated.

Not just an enjoyable way to adorn, crystal earrings are an effective way to access the power of crystals and incorporate crystal healing into your daily life.

The ears are thought about an icon of memory, receptivity and awakening. Wearing crystals on this section of the body brings a various communication with crystals compared to wearing them on your chest or wrist.

Particularly, crystals on the ears help to awaken the top power centers of the body and the top chakras, particularly your throat chakra and your 3rd eye chakra. Because you’re wearing them higher on the body, Citrine Smoky Quartz Yellow Healer Earrings direct the crystal power to these locations, which are the power centers relates to your words and thoughts.

When you wear Citrine Smoky Quartz Yellow Healer Earrings, you can concentrate on the power of interaction, both interior and external. The crystals can almost listen to and pay attention to the regularities of words being available in and from your power area. This technique of utilizing crystal power places more of a focus on how you talk to others and how you talk to on your own, which can serve as a pointer to pay attention to your words and bear in mind how you use them.

You can utilize the power of the crystals to gain increased understanding of the regularity of these words and the power they produce, as these powers can play an important role in how you feel overall.

Once the crystals instruct us how to listen, we can connect to the world of sound that has its own healing vibration. By doing this, your healing crystal earrings are so much more than an ornamental enhancement for your outfit. They’re actually a healing modality in their own right.


Citrine Smoky Quartz Yellow Healer Earrings
Citrine Smoky Quartz Yellow Healer Earrings










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Citrine Smoky Quartz Yellow Healer EarringsCitrine Smoky Quartz Yellow Healer Earrings 10.44Ct

Availability: 339 in stock

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