Moissanite Emotional Release Ring


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18K Gold Natural Moissanite Emotional Release Ring

Moissanite Emotional Release Ring is made from high quality silver, while the spectacular crystal is none other than the rock of love, Increased Quartz. The ring is easily adjustable so you can rest assured that there will not be any size problems.

When we nurture points from the previous, we can develop a propensity to concentrate on our memories greater than the present moment. Whether it is something that brought you great pain that you cannot appear to forget, or enormous delight that you wish to experience again, it is time to allow go.

Increased Quartz is the ideal crystal for launching psychological discomfort and anguish. Its soft and gentle power is for mercy. If you are holding a grudge versus someone, or simply feel typically annoyed at the world at large, Increased Quartz allows you forgive with love and move on. Now’s the moment to concentrate on the present. Launch the feelings that obstruct your heart chakra from having the ability to fully give and receive genuine love.
Do not obtain shed in memories-start production new ones.

Affirmation: Use affirmations that assist with allowing go, such as, “I forgive myself for previous mistakes. I needed them to expand into a better person.”

As Moissanite is an all-natural rock, the shades may differ slightly from rock to rock, production every one absolutely unique.



Moissanite Emotional Release Ring
Moissanite Emotional Release Ring






Weight0.070 kg
Dimensions10 × 12 × 15 cm
Ring Size

6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Main Stone Color



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Moissanite Emotional Release RingMoissanite Emotional Release Ring
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