Pink Chalcedony Vintage Earrings


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All Natural Pink Chalcedony Healing Earrings with Amethyst accents are hand matched and set in 925 silver. Elegant yet simple, these beautifully striped Chalcedony stones have a fancy cut, . The accent stone, Amethyst  and  925 silver and hangs from a high quality earring post.
~ Infused with Reiki healing intentions
~ Handmade and hand selected
~ 925 Sterling Silver
Not only were these earrings made with magical intentions in accordance with the proper days and times, but it was also cleansed, blessed and infused with Reiki healing intent by a real hereditary witch and Reiki master during Full Moon. It is ready for you to program/charge according to your own needs and desires. Chalcedony Earrings are made from natural, untreated gemstones, all of which have beautiful inclusions including mirror, ice, rainbow and vein markings from the minerals within the stone as it was formed in Mother Earth!

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Dimensions10 × 15 × 20 cm


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Pink Chalcedony Vintage EarringsPink Chalcedony Vintage Earrings

Availability: 20 in stock

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