Retro Dragon’s Hoard Ring


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Wear the Retro Dragon’s Hoard Ring for double wealth protection. Take your retro dragon with you wherever you go!

When you go through the shopping center, it is hard to not be attracted into all the stores. By the moment you leave, you have unintentionally bought on your own a brand-new closet, some food you know you should not consume, and a brand-new cosmetics collection. Black Obsidian helps protect your riches. Also from on your own.

As a dragon guards its hoard of prize, so does Silver Obsidian protect your power. But Obsidian guards greater than simply that. Your wealth—your individual treasure—is also protected by this effective treasure. And suppose you do not have too much wealth to mention? That is where the Pi Xiu symbol is available in. Spiritual in Chinese mythology, this winged lion stands for riches, wealth, and success. It summons them to you as however it were a money magnet. Not just this, but it safeguards the riches you currently have.


Retro Dragon’s Hoard Ring

Retro Dragon’s Hoard Ring


Weight0.100 kg
Dimensions10 × 12 × 15 cm
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Retro Dragon’s Hoard RingRetro Dragon’s Hoard Ring
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