Swiss Blue Topaz Discovery Bracelet


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A gentle, sympathetic stone.Swiss Blue Topaz Discovery Bracelet Soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges, and aligns the body’s meridians. Encourages the telling of the truth and the forgiveness of others. Instills faith in the universe, allowing you to “be” rather than “do.” Removes doubt and uncertainty. Topaz’s vivacious energy assists you in discovering your own inner riches!


Swiss Blue Topaz is a soothing, empathetic stone that directs energy to where it is most needed. These healing stones calm, heal, stimulate, recharge, re motivate, and align the body’s meridians. Topaz encourages honesty and forgiveness. It assists in illuminating the path, highlighting goals, and tapping into inner resources. This crystal instils faith in the universe, allowing you to “be” rather than “do.” Topaz aids problem-solving and is especially beneficial to those involved in the arts. It assists you in becoming aware of your influence and the knowledge you have gained through hard work and life experiences. This stone can see both the big picture and the fine details, recognizing how they interact. Topaz aids in the expression of ideas and bestows astuteness.
Topaz is an excellent emotional support stone; it balances emotions and makes you open to love from all directions.
Topaz Discovery Bracelet assists you in discovering your own inner riches. It makes you feel self-assured and philanthropic, as if you want to share your good fortune and spread sunshine everywhere.

Negativity cannot thrive in the presence of joyful Topaz. Blue Topaz Bracelet encourages honesty and openness, as well as self-realization, self-control, and the desire to develop inner wisdom.

Topaz Discovery Bracelet is an excellent color for meditation and attuning to one’s higher self, assisting in living according to one’s own aspirations and viewpoints. This color is associated with the angels of truth and wisdom. It helps you see the scripts you’ve been following and recognize where you’ve strayed from your own truth.


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Swiss Blue Topaz Discovery BraceletSwiss Blue Topaz Discovery Bracelet

Availability: 47 in stock

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