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Take advantage of your inherent understanding with these Wisdom Leaf Diopside Ring. Diopside is a rock of healing, balance, and Earth link that aides you in strengthening and developing your ‘second sight’.

This rings are made of 925 sterling silver and feature beautiful green diopside gemstones. Wear your Wisdom Leaf Diopside Ring to activate and channel the discernment, understanding, and truth that’s already available within you.

Diopside is an outstanding rock for work, knowledge, and discernment. This magical treasure will create an effective tie between you and the all-natural world and will lead you to incorporate your spirit with the spirit of Nature. Diopside is a chromium-rich mineral from Russia called for the Greek word meaning dual view. This rock develops your ‘second sight’ which allows you to see people’s intentions, secrets, and habits from a place of clearness. It’s a strategy stone, offering you point of view on what will occur.

When you wear diopside, you often feel as if you know what is most likely to occur a day or a week or a month from currently. It recovers the heart, opens up the 3rd Eye Chakra, AND boosts creativity. A workhorse rock, this is one for each metaphysical healer and intuitive reader.




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9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 10


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Wisdom Leaf Diopside Ring 2.15CtWisdom Leaf Diopside Ring 2.15Ct
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