What Is Negative Entropy in Gemstones?

One of the reasons that gemstone crystals exert such a powerful influence on us is their high degree of negative entropy.

What is negative entropy?

To understand negative entropy, you have to understand entropy.

What is entropy?

Simply put, entropy is a quality described in thermodynamics that relates to the ability to disperse, to decline, to become disordered and to lose energy.

Healing gemstone crystals have a high degree of negative entropy.

Negative entropy is the tendency described in thermodynamics to become more ordered and less chaotic.

Simply put, healing gemstone crystals are highly organized.

When we wear healing jewelry, our minds, bodies and spirits come into energetic resonance with our crystals.

Crystal healing is a form of energy healing as powerful and effective for balancing our personal chi as Reiki hands on healing, yoga, tai chi, qi gong and pranayama breath work.

Resonance is the quality of going into energetic alignment with the environment around us.

We experience resonance with our friends and family, with our home and work environment and even with the colors, clothes and crystals we wear every day.

By choosing the healing crystal gemstones most therapeutic for you at this time, you can balance your personal energies.

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